Physical activity puts a strain on your muscles, and with the weight of years you need to take care of them. There are several theories about the usefulness of stretching, but they all agree on improving the flexibility of your muscles.

The theories that are in force today about stretching argue over when to do them. However, they did agree that not doing it ends up causing muscle imbalance. And this increases your chances of injuring yourself.

Pablo Lima and Agustin Tapia WPT Alicante Padel

Stretching regularly will benefit your body in the long run. You will be able to stay competitive for a long time, you will be in better shape over time.

Also, adopting an almost daily routine will make you feel better about yourself and your mind. But also other benefits of which here is a non-exhaustive list.

Stretching improves and speeds up blood circulation, facilitates the body's recovery process after training and / or a game. They help with coordination in general, increase the capacity for muscle contraction. And they minimize these muscle imbalances by improving body alignment and posture.

We will end this article with an adage that sums up our words: “Stretching is health and life for your muscles”.

PS: Do not try what Agustin Tapia is doing


source: Rafael Galvez Munoz

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