Fernando Belasteguin, who will end his career at the end of the season, is a tireless winner. Interviewed by our colleagues from Olé newspaper, the Argentinian, who spent thirty years on the professional tournament slopes, explains that we never get tired of winning.

“The athlete who tells you that he is tired of winning or the one who says that he no longer wins because he does not want to, that is a lie. We are never tired of winning, but we are tired of losing. The only time in my life I lost and was happy was the other day against Arturo and Agustín.”

If he knows that he could continue a little longer and benefit from the growth of padel on a global level to fill his pockets a little more, the “King” does not want to hear about it:

"The padel I'm going through a very good period now, we're making more and more money, and I can play for two more years and make money, but I've never played for money. If I play for two more years, I will not play to win, I will play for money, and I will betray myself.”

Feeling the end approaching, Bela also wants to help his wife, who took care of his children during all the years he was on the move for the padel :

“My wife carried the team on her shoulders and now I want to help her. I will never forgive myself for not participating in what I consider to be the most difficult phase of raising children.”

Children who are a little angry with him for not having kept more cups...

"The other day, my eldest son said to me: “Dad, you were very stupid to give away all your trophies, we could build a museum”. But that’s how we are, my wife is a dentist and she doesn’t have a photo of an implant…”.

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