Wendy Barsotti returns to the FIP Rise from Cairo (May 21-25, 2024), a tournament in which she participated with Élodie Invernon, discusses her future ambitions, and explains her desire to find a life balance to ensure her financial stability.

A complicated tournament in Egypt

“Making an overall assessment of the Cairo tournament is quite complicated because we experienced a very particular tournament, with quite deplorable organizational conditions. Regarding the match itself, we lost in three sets (4/6 6/2 2/6) against a very competitive team (Castro / Portillo). The first set was complicated; we fought, but our opponents managed to finish. The second set we played perfectly, doing exactly what we needed to do, and we performed really well. Unfortunately, in the third set, we tried to do the same but we perhaps wanted to rush a little in the finishing phases and that's what cost us dearly in the end.

Additionally, I was sick for much of the match, which didn't help, and Élodie was going through some emotionally difficult times due to family issues. It was a very special tournament and it’s really difficult to take anything positive from it.”

His duet with Élodie Invernon

“Élodie and I didn’t commit together this year. We decided to play the Cairo tournament together because of the South American tour. We were registered for the P2 in Paraguay, but we were not accepted in Argentina, which would have generated a lot of costs for a single tournament. So, we chose to play two tournaments together instead of the South American tour. These are our first two tournaments in a while. I don't know yet when we will play our next international tournament together, but we know that we will play together in France.

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When it comes to our game, we complement each other very well. We know each other extremely well, which allows us to understand our strengths and weaknesses. Other players on the FIP circuit often tell us that they see us as a strong team because of our mutual knowledge and our complementarity. This is what makes us strong on the ground.”

Looking for life balance

“I would like to continue to participate in tournaments and climb the rankings as much as possible. Like many, I have the goal of being part of the top 100. Carla (Touly) recently managed to join this famous top 100, and I am really happy for her. She fully deserves it. For me, the goal is to see how far I can go, to play as many tournaments as possible, to have fun on the field and to climb the rankings. And then of course, we all also have the objective of being in the French team.” 

“At the moment, I am trying to find a balance in life: to finance a season, to participate in tournaments, to do what we are doing, you need money and the sponsors are of a great help, but sometimes it's not enough.

So I'm thinking about a project to find something that can ensure my financial stability and also allow me to find balance in my professional life. The objective would be to go to tournaments while maintaining all my competitiveness and to have a certain security and financial assurance which can do good on the side.”

Dorian Massy

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