2018 was a particularly rich year for the world of padel. And the brands are not mistaken. The ranges of products are expanding more and more. The opportunity to come back to the best-selling rackets of the past year.

Le padel booming, multitudes of product lines are expanding, notably with the arrival of new rackets. Different elaborations, state-of-the-art components and fantastic visuals are out.

Our colleagues from padeladdict.com have looked at several batches of racket data and so have we. We have retained a ranking of the eight most popular rackets on the internet for the year 2018.

The Bullpack Hack 2018

Logically, the racket of the Spanish star Paquito Navarro arrives in the most sought after. Durable, powerful with EVA foam and reduced vibrations, the Hack Bullpack still has a bright future.

The ML10 Nox

The first round racket of this ranking, which is used by Miguel Lamperti, N ° 12 in the WPT ranking. Built with a carbon frame and flat fiberglass with multiple layers of fiber to increase the strength, she does not forget the power with her heart in HRS Core.

The Adidas Adipower Attk 1.8

How not to speak of one of the last born of the brand to the three bands? As the name suggests, this racquet is resolutely turned towards the offensive and the (very) strong conclusion of the points. Carbon, EVA High Memory Rubber "fast recovery" offers unparalleled power to this racquet. At the expense of control ...

La Head Graphene Xt Alpha Pro

It is neither more nor less than racket of the world number one of the circuit: Carlos Daniel Gutiérrez. The particularity of this racket lies in its composition. As the name suggests, it contains graphene, a material officially "having a breaking strength 200 times higher than steel“. The rest of the racquet is made of carbon, which makes it very light and improves the grip. Wishing to put the small dishes in the big ones, Head also worked on a racquet protection system to reduce the impact of blows and preserve the aesthetics of the racquet with its anti-scratch treatment.

Adrien Pittore

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