A bit like tennis, it is possible to play padel in a lot of possible configurations: indoor, outdoor, sandy surface, new generation carpet, walls, windows. We will try to see what could be the ideal conditions to make the most of a game.

The surface

When the padel was popularized in Argentina in the 80 years, the floor was smooth concrete, and it is still mostly the case today. Those who have already played in Argentina have realized that it is a very fast surface that clearly benefits strong attackers. In Europe, the most common surface is the fine carpet, covered with visible sand. It is sometimes blue, green, orange, purple, or even pink. Very fuse when it wears, it is often appreciated by former tennis players at the offensive gamewho are comfortable with fast play. The new carpet, on the other hand, is thicker, always blue, and contains the sand at the base. This surface, which is that of the World Padel Tour, also provides much more grip. It takes the effects well and slows down the game, it is the most beautiful surface to watch on television, it is the favorite players who love the points that last.

Interior Exterior

In addition to the surface, playing indoors or outdoors divides padel players in the community. The fans of the indoor game praise always optimal conditions, which can allow them to play at their best. But the outdoor game retains a lot of fans, who will particularly appreciate playing in the sun, lobsters to the clouds, or enjoy a beautiful landscape, such as pyramids of Giza for example. Semi-covered pitches that are a compromise between indoor and outdoor, also have their followers.

Other elements of the field

The padel courts were originally built with concrete walls, and there are still many in Argentina but also some in Spain, and even in France. Walls take less effect than windows and are more dangerous for snowshoes. Today we have them prefers windows and especially short panoramic, which are the most appreciated by the audience since they allow the spectators to see perfectly through. The roof is also a very important factor. For optimal game conditions, it must be high, and without any element that disturb the game like beams or son. The doors and the space between the tracks have also their importance: in certain grounds it is impossible to go out, which displeases inevitably to the followers of the outings, but can please the specialists of by 3 ...

You will understand, it seems very difficult to define optimal conditions to play padel that satisfy everyone. Aside from the fact that a court without false bounces will always be better than a court that is full, each player will prefer one type of court to another depending on his style of play or his experiences. To you to tell us what are the ideal conditions for you to do a good part?

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