With the global success story of padel, court constructions are going well. You want create a short padel, transform an already existing land into a padel or cover tracks? Here are some serious builders who could help you with your project.

Which roofer for your runway padel ?

Here are 2 major players in the coverage of padel in France :

  • ACS which manages the construction as well as the cover of the padel.
  • 100% French constructions in galvanized steel or glued laminated steel, which comply with all the standards in force so that everything meets FFT standards and certified compliant.

  • Lauralu is also a 100% French manufacturer which offers modular solutions with 3 formulas: rental, financial rental or purchase. New and used structures for padel, whether indoor or semi-indoor, which also meet all FFT standards.

The track builders padel

Concerning the main manufacturers of padel, you will find below the various experts in the field who may make you want to build a field near your home or in your club. Note that some manufacturers also offer covers:

  • Concasport : a very active French manufacturer marketing padel with tailor-made creations, with the possibility of personalizing absolutely all the desired parts. Important particularity: the arrival in their team of the 2015 European Champion Robin Haziza.
  • My Padel Short : manufacturer known for its large-scale projects in the United Arab Emirates, in particular in Dubai, My Padel Court produces Premium courts all over the world as a major international firm.
  • Kip Sports Padel : land builder but also supplier of accessories, Kip Sport Padel carries out the projects in their entirety, with indoor or outdoor projects, until the creation of a club of padel keys in hand.
  • VW Sports Padel: almost century-old company, VW Sports Padel started making short padel for a few years now with short glass and metal, or high quality glass and wood. VW also offers 3 different covers.
  • Technopadel: Spanish builder of land padel with 2 ranges of courts, Technopadel also offers children's courts, with patented flooring to limit injuries.
  • Padel International : historic track builder in Spain, Padel International achieves everything that is possible and imaginable: removable or fixed, one or more courts, classic, semi-covered or covered, small court or large complex of padel !
  • Xtreme Padel: partner of World Padel Tour in Spain, this renowned manufacturer produces courts with various options with steel grids, glass, synthetic turf and at relatively good prices.
  • Padelcourt : French manufacturer in the Bordeaux region since 1988, Padelcourt makes short padel tailor-made with many possible options: thickness of the glass panels, type of surface, etc. All this complies with FIP standards.
  • EPS Padel : this French manufacturer of padel takes care of the projects from A to Z: from the basic idea to the delivery of the padel and even maintenance, with achievements guaranteed for up to 15 years!
Sylvain Barnett

Sylvain Barnet, French Swiss Army Knife and sports enthusiast. Geek with a sharp quill, loves when a plan goes off without a hitch. And always up for a game.