While Betclic Premier Padel Bordeaux P2 is in full swing, many of you are wondering how much money and points you get in a P2.

P2 are the least prestigious tournaments on the circuit Premier Padel. The first P2 in history took place in Venezuela in March this year, and there are ten competitions in this category this season.

On a P2, each member of the winning pair leaves with 500 points, which is half as many as on a P1 (1000), and four times less than on a Major (2000).

winners2000 point1000 point500 point
finalists1200 point600 point300 point

In terms of prize money, the P2s are also obviously less endowed: as you will see in the table below, you earn more than three times more money by winning a Major than by winning a P2...

MajorMajor 1Major 2P1P2
Men's winners94.500€XX51.000€25.500€
Women winnersX94.500€49.500€34.000€17.000€

These figures allow us to understand a little better why the best players on the planet have decided not to go to Gironde…

Full details of the prize money for the 2024 season Premier Padel :


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