Socialization is an interesting factor because it participates in the choice of sporting practice of an individual. The socializing agents play an important role in this choice and this is what we will see.

Socialization is the process by which the human person learns and internalizes throughout his life the socio-cultural elements of his environment, integrates them into the structure of his personality under the influence of the experiences of significant social agents, and thereby adapts to the social environment where she has to live. Socialization is the process of acquiring the "ways of doing, thinking, feeling" specific to groups, to the society where a person is called to live. (Rock G., (1970), Introduction to General Sociology, Threshold, Test Points, Paris)

Socialization makes it possible to integrate the individual into his environment: he adapts to the norms and values ​​of the group to which he belongs (family, peer groups, work group, society).

During socialization the child is transmitted sociocultural elements, the child acquires ways of doing, thinking, feeling. During the process of socialization the child will acquire a certain number of elements, ways of doing things, rules that can be grouped under the terms of norms and values.

Norms are explicit or implicit rules that direct the behavior of individuals in accordance with the values ​​of society. Examples: being punctual at work, contributing to social security .... Values ​​are moral, ideal principles to which the members of a society adhere and which manifest concretely in their ways of thinking, feeling, acting. Examples: sense of effort, professional success, solidarity ...

The child builds his personality through internalization, the incorporation of socially instituted ways of thinking and acting.The socialization is carried out by:

- learning or inculcation: it is the acquisition of habits, know-how,

–Identification or imitation (of one of the parents for example),

-Interaction: it is the integration of cultural traits specific to one's personality following exchanges.

It is not society as such that transmits norms and values ​​to the child but the action of groups that serve as intermediaries. Thus the family and the school are all institutions that play this role. They are called agents of socialization.

We will then show the different forms of socialization present during the life of a man and who can change these expectations.

Nicolas Zebbar

Graduated from a Masters in sports management and passionate about tennis, I carried out a study on the development of women's tennis. Practicing this sport for twenty years and today manager of my club (TC Morlaàs in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques), I am always on the lookout for new ideas aimed at improving the practice environment for members. I am therefore delighted to be able to share this work.