There are hundreds of brands of padel rackets, and it's not always easy to know which one to choose when buying a pala.

Overview of snowshoe brands you can trust. Brands that participate in the development of the French padel by investing concretely in the communication of our sport. These partners have been following us for a long time, and are still there despite the health crisis!


French brand, Babolat sponsors world number 1 Juan Lebron, a particularly offensive player. The attackers are also the preferred target of the brand, especially with its three new Vipers, including the Technical Viper, which has already won over the French champion Bastien Blanqué.

Black Crown

At Black Crown, we also like numbers 1, since the brand has sponsored Marta Marrero for years, one of the eternal best players in the WPT. Eli Amatriain and Tito Allemandi also benefit from these versatile and manoeuvrable rackets.

viper padel marrero


At Bullpadel, one of the market leaders, the stars of the WPT are also on the program, including Paquito Navarro, Maxi Sanchez, Alejandra Salazar and Juan Tello. A large choice of pala, of all shapes and for players of all levels, including of course the signature models of champions.

Paquito Navarro high ball


At Cartri, the star is the racket! Palas very high end, handcrafted, in Spain, and which are equipped with the very latest technologies, such as 24k carbon or carbon / kevlar tubulars. All shapes and types of foams, to adapt to all players.


Dunlop, which supplies the racquets to Juani Mieres, Patty Llaguno and Ramiro Moyano, is a brand appreciated for the flexibility of its gums and for a very pleasant and comfortable touch, including the all-new Japanese 6k carbon.



Head is an internationally renowned brand, which also sponsors WPT players, such as Sanyo Gutierrez, Ariana Sanchez, or the French Johan Bergeron and Alix Collombon. Of quality rackets for players of all levels, equipped with FOAM foams, for great ball output and flexibility to protect your joints.

Sanyo Gutierrez backhand Alpha Pro V


Kelme is a brand that announces color with its logo in the shape of a paw. Of rackets with animal names for an offensive padel. Quality products that have seduced the player of World Padel Tour José Rico Dasi!

José Rico world padel tour


Kuikma offers palas with a exceptional value for money without renouncing technologies, such as 12k carbon or Full EVA Concept. Different shapes, different hardnesses of rubber, there is something for all tastes and all types of games!


Nox, official racket of the WPT, team of various padel stars: Agustin Tapia, the Alayeto twins, Miguel Lamperti; but also the French Benjamin Tison and Léa Godallier. The Spanish brand offers rackets for all levels and all types of play, including many high-end models used by professional players.

Nox padel new rackets alayeto lamperti tapia

Royal Padel

Royal Padel, which sponsors the APT Padel Tour, is the brand expert in vibration absorption. Quality palas, with soft rubber, appreciated by players who want to take care of their elbow.


Varlion is a brand that offers different types of rackets, always at the forefront of innovation, with patented technologies that make Jérémy Scatena particularly happy. The other particularity is the possibility of choosing between a summer eraser and a winter eraser.

Jérémy Scatena ball gaze


We no longer present Wilson, who made a resounding comeback in the world of padel rackets by sponsoring Fernando Belasteguin. The American brand offers, in addition to the Bela line, models with characteristics inspired by tennis rackets, Blade, Pro Staff and Ultra.


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