The start of the 2024 season saw three right players win at least one tournament : the left-handed and world number 1 Arturo Coello (3), and the right-handed Federico Chingotto (2) and Juan Lebron (1). In the Top 10, in the company of these three players, we find in fifth place a certain Martin Di Nenno. Despite “only one final” in 2024, the native of Ezeiza remains a top player as the figures below show.

These statistics signed Padel Intelligence and relayed by El4Set, show that Fede Chingotto is the right-hander who commits the fewest mistakes (129). Surprisingly, the one who makes the most winning shots is not Lebron but Di Nenno (366). It should still be noted that the Argentinian played three more matches than the Andalusian.

The king of the winning shots/unforced errors ratio is indeed the partner, he is ahead of Lebron and Chingotto in the exercise. The “Super Raton”, which is the one of the three which has won the most titles this year, remains behind due to its very lower number of winning shots… It must be said that by playing with a player as offensive as Galan, he has less opportunity to be decisive and can therefore fully concentrate on building the game.

So you understand, we have three players here, who have distinct qualities and who all have arguments to apply for the title of best right-hander on the right. And you, who do you take?

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