We hear all the time on the edge of the slopes the coaches telling their players to plier their legs. But why is this remark important for your game?

Bending your legs will lower your center of gravity. By being closer to the ground, we are faster to position ourselves in relation to the ball. We will go faster and we will position ourselves better.

By being in semi-flexion of the knees we will be in a better position to give speed to the ball. We will be more stable and anchored on our supports, which will facilitate the execution of our shots.

flex lobe maxi sanchez

In addition, when we are at the back of the court, defending, being low on our legs, it is easier to perform all the rotations required by our sport.

Being low on the legs will help our technique. The word “technique” does not only include what concerns the hand. Everything that concerns the movements of the legs and feet also fits into this.

Indeed, what needs to be worked on before the hand is placement. You can have the best hand in the world, if you don't know how to place, it doesn't help much.

If you want to perform well, be in the right place at the right time, well placed in relation to the ball, then your hand will do the rest.

source: Padel Barcelona

Alexis Dutour

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