We told you about it a few days ago, Jurgen Klopp is a real addict to padel.

In a previous article we told you that the German technician was a fan of the pala.
Indeed the training center of Liverpool, a team he has been training for a few years now, has had a track built padel so that the coach and his team members can relax before games.

A new member in Team Wilson

And to mark the occasion, Wilson decided to integrate it into the team by offering a new collection to the general public called Wilson X Klopp.

This one consists of a pala and a bag both signed by the German star trainer.

It is in a video on his Facebook page that the famous American brand announced the news.

Pala WilsonJurgen Klopp

In this one we see to begin with the big Fernando Belasteguin hand over the new racket to Jürgen Klopp.
Quite a symbol because the muse of the firm thus formalizes the technician's entry into Team Wilson.

A few exchanges of balls ensue between the player and the coach.

A promising collection

Friends "padeleros” be quick because this is a limited edition.

This collection, which honors black with touches of yellow, will make many people happy and will delight fans of the German coach.

Wilson x klopp collection

The racquet is diamond-shaped so intended for offensive players who want to shine in attack. The Eva Soft foam will provide comfort to allow you to be comfortable in all situations.

The bag is a model of compactness since it can accommodate up to 6 palas!

Surely this collection will not go unnoticed.

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