For a little while now in France, it is not possible to play tennis and padel than outside. Measures that have enabled a club breton to see a rapid increase in the number of players from padel.

The courts of padel exteriors make it possible to attract a new audience. Tennis Padel Concarneau (TPC), the members of the tennis club have tried this new practice and unanimously approved.

Their first feelings around the practice of padel are in the same vein as what we hear on the edge of the courts. In this case, that it is a sport “Fun, affordable, and easier to have fun at first than tennis.”

the land padel blue brittany tennis and padel Concarneau

With the Covid, it is only possible to use the outdoor or semi-covered courts. At TPC, the two fields of padel have found their audience, and there is no longer any concern about filling them.

Indeed, in this difficult period, the padel allows people whose favorite sport is impossible in these times of health restrictions to continue to talk physically… while having fun!

In the TPC club, the practice of padel at first is done as a leisure activity, but this situation brings people to padel, the club will soon be offering lessons, according to one of the club's coaches.

We see here that it is quite possible to develop a tennis club with padel without this being a hindrance for tennis, but rather a different, complementary offer which makes it possible to attract another audience to the clubs.


source: Le Télégramme

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