The city of Oviedo, the capital of Asturias, north-west Spain will host an Open World Padel Tour tournament. The newspapers made the announcement.

An ad ahead of the World Padel Tour. And that's new too! The professional padel circuit has not yet integrated this new stage into the 2020 calendar. A short tour of this city of Oviedo.

The head of the sports of the city of Oviedo, Conchita Méndez, answered the questions of the newspaper "La Nueva España". She announces for the 2020 Spring a new WPT Open Stage in her city. This will be an opportunity to attract an ever more numerous and passionate public, so potential economic benefits for this city of a very beautiful region of Spain, Asturias.

The event will take place in the sports hall of Ventanielles where two tracks will be installed. It remains to be seen in which club (s) will be played the qualifying phases.

Welcome Oviedo.

Julien Bondia

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