Belgium will welcome from this summer a exhibition of World Padel Tour (WPT), which will run from August 27 to August 29 on the Belgian coast, in Knokke.

It is always interesting to promote the padel in all countries, and the WPT understands this. Through this partnership, Belgium is proving its desire to assert itself as a land of padel. Vincent Laureyssens, president of World Padel Tour Belgium is obviously delighted!

VIncent Laureyssens signature exhibition WPT

By allowing countries where le padel is expanding, like Belgium, this contributes to this sport being more recognized by the general public.

At the same time, we announce the creation of a new complex in the same geographical area. The region is taking advantage of the wave created by the announcement of the WPT exhibition to communicate on the creation of new fields. The padel is constantly growing among our Belgian neighbors!

Indeed, the Duinbergen Tennis Club is a beautiful tennis complex with 12 outdoor courts, and 3 indoor courts (+ 2 under bubble in winter). But from the month of April, it will welcome the padel.

Le padel arrives in force with 4 tracks on the site !

This demonstrates the development in the flat country of padel which is an interesting alternative to attract new audiences to tennis clubs.


source: My knokke and Instagram Vincent Laureyssens

Alexis Dutour

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