Check out the full 2022 schedule from World Padel Tour, with the dates of the six Challenger tournaments that in addition to the 24 events already scheduled.

A big novelty this season!

The WPT had already communicated on its most important events of 2022. Now, it is the dates and places of the Challenger tournaments that have been revealed.

Like last year, 6 tournaments in the Challenger category will be offered to players and also like the previous season, the challengers will only be reserved for players outside the Top 12 for men and Top 8 for women.

The big novelty is that at the end of the season, a sort of Master Final, called Final Challenger, will be offered to the 8 pairs who have achieved the best results in the first 5 tournaments. This competition, which will take place in Valence, offers a good consolation objective for all those who do not manage to qualify for the Master Final. This is clearly a great initiative!

As in 2021, the 6 tournaments will take place in Spain. Calanda and Albacete will again be entitled to their tournament. The 4 new destinations are therefore Valencia, Toledo, Mallorca and Getafe.

Note that the Mallorca tournament will take place at the Rafa Nadal Academy. With all the fans of the Spanish tennis player on the circuit, this tournament should be one of the hottest! Indeed, many players will certainly want to shine in the academy of their idol, and who knows maybe even in front of Rafa himself!

The full schedule

WPT Full schedule 2022 open master challenger

The 6 events of the Challenger circuit:

  • Getafe from March 28 to April 03
  • Albacete from April 25 to May 01
  • Mallorca from May 23 to 29
  • Calanda from August 22 to 28
  • Toledo from September 12 to 18
  • Challenger Final in Valencia from 01 to 04 December

So these are altogether 26 tournaments (+3 exhibitions) which will be offered to players this season. We will have :

  • 5 Masters
  • 18 Opens
  • 6 Challengers (including a Final Challenger)
  • 3 Exhibitions
  • 1 Final Master which will take place in Barcelona

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