In the world of Padel professional, two major circuits clash: the World Padel Tour (WPT) and Monte Carlo International Sports (MCIS). It is the players themselves who will decide which circuit will remain in the future. The vote will take place in the coming weeks, a priori around July 31.

The fight to get the professional circuit of Padel

Two economic models compete for the rights to be the professional circuit of Padel in the world.

First, the World Padel Tour managed by SetPoint Events SA. The company wants to renew for 5 years the existence of World Padel Tour with a clause allowing the circuit to be renewed for an additional 5 years.

MCIS offers a professional circuit of Padel for a period of 7 years with the possibility of an additional 5 years.

However, the two proposals made by these two entities can not survive together. The leaders of the two circuits are also on this point perfectly in phase. There are no places for 2 circuits.

We already remember the legal battle between the Padel Pro Tour, the old professional circuit which will be delighted with the professional circuit by the World Padel Tour. This time, the positions have changed since it is the World Padel Tour which could lose its place in favor of Monte Carlo International Sports.

The differences between the two professional circuits of Padel

  • The organization of the tournaments.

Indeed, the WPT organizes at least 16 event on the sporting season (point 2 of its article 5).

On the other hand, the MCIS has adopted a circuit with 16 events divided into 5 categories: Challenger (1), Open (9), Master (5) and a Grand Chelem and an end-of-season Master like in tennis today. The MCIS season can go up to 22 tournaments.

  • The modalities of participation

But the two circuits agree on the fact that the players are obliged to participate in all the tournaments of the circuit with a subtle difference.

In the case of the WPT, players must subscribe to a new contract to participate in this circuit. This leaves players free to participate in other tournaments.

MCIS is stricter on this point. Fabrice Pastor imposes the signature of a contract, but he militates for that these are federal contracts. This shows the interest of the latter in wanting to strengthen the position of the federations so that his contracts are mandatory to participate in competitions.

The price money difference between the two circuits.

  • The displacements.

For the WPT, all trips are the responsibility of players whether in Spain or not.

The circuit MCIS provides that travel outside the Spanish territory are supported by the patron of the circuit, Fabrice Pastor.

  • The money price per circuit

These are our friends from who produced a nice table to compare the differences between these circuits.

  • Can the two circuits coexist together?

Both circuits try to include in their contracts exclusivity clauses to the players they sign to prevent them from going to other tournaments.

Therefore, the coexistence of the two professional circuits of Padel becomes a very delicate situation.

Fabrice Pastor has therefore decided to present the dates of his circuit on July 23 before the start of the season. He also explains that if 10 players of the Top 20 and a hundred players from the rest of the ranking sign in his circuit then, the MCIS will continue.

It is therefore up to the players to have the responsibility of making the decision for their professional future, but also of the Padel .

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