The Spaniards hadn't won the World Championships for eleven years before the issue last week in Doha.

If the girls were already double title holders, the men waited eleven years before getting back on the first step of the podium of a world championship of padel.

World cup winners spain smiles padel 2020

Indeed, the Argentines had dominated the 2012, 2014, and 2016 editions. The 2018 Paraguay World Cup not having awarded any titles, it was therefore necessary to go back to 2010 and the double of the Spanish teams in Mexico.

Since the beginning of the competition under the aegis of the FIP, in 1992, Argentina still remains in the lead with 10 wins against 4 for Spain for men. In the ladies, this is also the case, since the Albiceleste leads 8 to 6.

It should be noted that only these two nations have been crowned in a World Championship, proof of their undivided domination on the padel World.


World Championships padel : Palmares

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