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World Senior Plus – Simon Boissé: “Be in the first five places”

For the first time, Simon Boissé (80th French) will be the captain of the French Senior Plus team in the Senior Plus World Championships. The team, which leaves for Alicante tomorrow, is preparing for the world championships which will take place from 15 at 20 April.

At the dawn of the competition, Simon Boissé looks back on the ambitions of the French team in these worlds, changes in the workforce and his place as captain.

The epic in Las Vegas

Las Vegas in 2022, it was the return of the French team to the forefront, for the Senior Plus category, where we didn't really know what to expect.

For my part, I was already part of the selection as a player, but I had not been able to play too much because I was diminished. I found myself helping Jean-Thomas Peyrou on coaching. In the end, it was a rather successful experiment, with a fourth place, notably losing against Argentina in the half. We then lose, at the end of the night, in the decisive fifth match against Sweden, which deprives us of third place.

This fourth place allowed us to position ourselves globally as a senior Plus nation that can be counted on.

His new role as captain

The following year, I took over entirely captaincy of the team for the European Championship in Alicante. We end up at a very nice third place even if, once again, we lost in the decisive match against Sweden. It was a somewhat new format last year because there were only the 40, 45 and 50 year olds represented by the French team.

I'm really happy to be captain. I consider myself to be a fairly caring person and I like these human stories through sport. I had a blast last year enlisting this captain's cap, I have no doubt it will be the same.

Afterwards, we have lots of slightly complicated moments to manage during the week, choices that are made and that we have to accept. Players who will play, some who will not play. But that's also the joy of sport.

The goal in Alicante

The priority is to enter the top five teams. The goal of a medal is the second level. The finale would be the holy grail, it would be magnificent. We know that the pools, generally being seeded, it remains quite accessible for us. The draw will determine the teams we will play.

Potentially, in the quarter-finals, we would fall against Italy. It would be a quarter-final remake in Vegas, which we won at the time.

We have a serious journey ahead of us in the group because, in two years, the level has evolved quite a bit. We feel that there are federations which aim to improve their teams.

Two years ago, there were nations which did not necessarily send their best players. Some players didn't want to go either because there are federations that don't completely take care of travel and the rest. Obviously, that also plays a role. We have always been lucky to be supported by the Federation.

Now, things have evolved and so have the federations. So obviously, I think that now, it will tighten up in terms of level.

An experienced team

We have a fairly experienced group with a large number of players who have participated in such an event. Today, there are only three who have not been selected: Thomas Cazes Carrère, Nicolas Kischkewitz et Olivier Romary.

It only makes On 3 14, so that means we have players who know what to expect at this type of event.

That being said, the three players mentioned had a very good tennis level, either negative or French numbered. So, in moments of pressure, they will know how to manage. I am quite reassured on this aspect.

The arrival of Maxime Moreau and Adrien Maigret

Maxime Moreau and Adrien Maigret will, I hope, bring a guaranteed point for the team every time! I think that in this 35 year old category, we are very well armed, even for the Open.

I think it's a pair at the top of the basket in this type of competition. The only problem is that the order of matches changes with each new meeting. For example, on the first day, we first have the 40 year olds, then the 45 year olds, the 50 year olds, the 55 year olds and the 35 year olds who finish. So, if you already lose three games, your last team no longer has any value.

Strategically, with a pair that is “strong”, it can be interesting in a decisive match… but you have to be sure at the back. Afterwards, having Max and Adrien on the team is added value for the captain, that's for sure.

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