We've been talking about it for weeks, situation is very tense between the World Padel Tour and the players (represented by PPA). These respond to two fines of 12,5 million what will the WPT claim if the players play on another circuit.

Two fines of 12,5 million euros!

12,5 million euros multiplied by two. This is the amount that SetPointsEvents -the company that organizes the WPT- would intend to ask for players who will participate in the new FIP and QSI circuit: Premier Padel.

According to the players' association, the latter would have received a threatening letter from World Padel Tour.

“The WPT threatened the top 20 with a fine of 12,5 million euros, and another 12,5 million euros for the rest of the players, which is totally disproportionate given the earnings of WPT players – especially those outside the top20. In response, PPA, the association which represents the players of padel professionals, responded by issuing the attached statement.”

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PPP's response

In a simple and formal statement that Padel Magazine obtained, players respond to the WPT noting the following five points:

  • Setpoint Events SA filed a request for arbitration with the CIMA to claim a sum estimated at 12,5 million euros to the first 20 players of the world ranking and the same amount for those from 21st place.
  • PPA has taken the appropriate measures to legally defend players against an attack that we consider unfair et disproportionately. The Association works to ensure that professional players can compete freely and therefore we believe that claiming 12,5 million euros does not correspond to the sports values.
  • The players of padel professionals will stay United faced with this news demonstration of pressure that the WPT is trying to exercise from a abusive position and clearly monopolistic.
  • The players of padel professionals will not allow this kind of pressure violates their right to free choice of where, when and how to conduct their business.
  • Finally, the players would like to point out that, despite this unpleasant situation, they will participate in theOpen de Vigo which will be held this week, as they believe that fans of the sport should not be harmed by the decisions made by the WPT.

We imagine that the atmosphere is not the best in Vigo between the players and the organizers. Benjamin Tison can meanwhile focus on their round of XNUMX at the end of the afternoon, being one of the only TOP 100 players not to have a contract with the World Padel Tour !

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