Le World Padel Tour has planned a little surprise for the Final Master held in Menorca from December 10 to 13, 2020. Let's take this opportunity to take stock of the forces involved.

Le World Padel Tour just unveiled on his Instagram account a photo of the field which will host the Final Master in Menorca next week. A original design, with the sky blue background, to create a contrast with the service squares, which remain the usual blue.

WOrld Padel Tour color track Master Final Menorca

Photo credit : World Padel Tour

A nice little surprise for this tournament which promises to offer a huge spectacle, with the 16 best players of the year for both boys and girls. Let's take the opportunity to give a little reminder of the forces involved:

In the ladies

The 8 pairs that will compete in the tournament are:

  • Triay / Sainz
  • Salazar / Sanchez
  • Josemaria / Gonzalez
  • Marrero / Ortega
  • Alayeto / Alayeto
  • Amatrian / Llaguno
  • Navarro / Osoro
  • Araujo / Riera


At men's

Here are the pairs that will be present in Menorca:

  • Galan / Lebron
  • Gutierrez / Stupaczuk
  • Belasteguin / Tapia
  • Chingotto / Tello
  • Navarro / Rico (replacing injured Lima)
  • Sanchez / Di Nenno
  • Ruiz / Botello
  • Diaz / Silingo


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