It keeps moving on the World Padel Tour. After being separated from Juan Cruz Belluati, Javi Garrido has announced the name of his new partner: Lucas Campagnolo.

Two players used to playing on the left, so one of them will have to change sides. If we believe the video shared by the player from Cordoba on Instagram, it is the Brazilian “Campa” who will pass to the right.

The pair that will be led by Gaby Reca should be the most explosive! We indeed have two physical left players, aggressive, capable of spiking very hard and who play a padel facing forward. In view of the success of the Galan and Lebron pair, we are ultimately not surprised to see that other players are trying to construct pairs on the same model.

Descended to 39th place in this season in which he will have played bad luck, Lucas Campagnolo has decided to make big changes to try to ward off fate. Now 19th in the ranking, Javi Garrido is on the rise and he could bring all his confidence to his new partner. If the two men manage to get along well on the track, they could come up with a most spectacular combination! The pair will debut next week in Cordoba, where they will certainly not be lacking in encouragement!

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