Le World Padel Tour unveils the 8 pairs that will be seeded in the men's table of the Adeslas Madrid Open to be held from April 5 to 11.

Male Series Heads

We talked about it a little while ago, World Padel Tour has just confirmed the first 8 seeds of the opening tournament, theAdeslas Madrid Open, which will be held at the Wizink Center:

  • N ° 1: Galan - Lebron
  • N ° 2: Belasteguin - Gutierrez
  • N ° 3: Lima - Tapia
  • N ° 4: Di Nenno - Navarro
  • N ° 5: Tello - Chingotto
  • N ° 6: Sanchez - Allemandi
  • N ° 7: Stupaczuk - Alex Ruiz
  • N ° 8: Botello - Javi Ruiz

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A show in perspective with the new pairs!

Apart from Lebron / Galan, Chingotto / Tello and Botello / Ruiz, these are no less than 5 new pairs who will be at work during this tournament. We can't wait to see Belasteguin / Gutierrez and Lima / Tapia at work! Three more weeks to wait before being able to take advantage of the show proposed by the WPT !

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