Thunderclap in the men's table of this first World Padel Tour of 2021: the seed number 8 is out because of a positive test for Covid-19.

The 13th player in the ranking of World Padel Tour there announced on Instagram, he and his partner Javi Ruiz must withdraw from the Adeslas Madrid Open. Indeed, Uri Botello having tested positive for Covid-19, they cannot participate in the tournament.

Fortunately, the player from Melilla has very few symptoms as he says in his post and he should be in full swing to kick off his 2021 season soon!

To replace the Botello / Ruiz pair, the World Padel Tour made a draw among the losers of the last round, and it was Tonet Sans and Iñigo Zaratiegui who were drafted. They will therefore play tomorrow, at 09:30 am, against Fernández / Diestro.

Finally, it is Agustin Silingo and Mati Diaz who find themselves seeded number 8, they will face Sergio Alba and Francisco Gil tomorrow at the end of the morning. For those who would like to see the new tableIs HERE !


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