Discover the draw and the French and French draws for the World Padel Tour Adeslas Open which starts on Sunday at the Madrid Arena.

In the male painting

C'est Johan Bergeron, associated with Jesuis Ruiz Bohorquez, which will open the ball for the French delegation, Sunday morning, from 10 a.m.. The Franco-Spanish pair, who have certainly recovered from their disappointment of the last tournament, will be opposed to Viuda Hernandez (140) / Sanchez Arriaga (161) in the first round of the preprevias. A draw less easy than it seems, the two men having disputed 206 WPT games between them, and remaining on a good start to the season (4 games won out of 7).

They will soon be joined by Scatena / Tison, which will make their debut at let proof against Prado Prego (156) and Avilés Cayuela (184), a team that has won only one game this season. It will obviously be necessary to be wary, but the draw seems within the reach of the 100% French pair.

For this tournament, Max Moreau, will be associated with Javier De Paiz, who had done an excellent Marbella Master alongside Bastien Blanqué. The Franco-Spanish pair are not spared, since they will face Gonzalez Garcia (94) / Solano Marmolejo (105) in the first round of the preprevias. A big match that will take place at let proof.

Bastien Blanqué and Jordi Muñoz, seed number 7 of the preprevias, are rewarded with their good results in the two previous tournaments and go directly to the second round. They will face, Sunday also, in let proof, the winners of the match Juan Gomez (233) / Nahuel Belluati Lopez (166) vs Melendez Amaya (189) / Lanzinger (182).

In the female picture

Among girls, the first French player to enter the running will be Melissa Martin. Once again, the Martin / Garcia pair will face a Wild Card beneficiary team. Let's hope for them that Perez Arias (220) and Gomez Pando (288) will not play them the same tour as Tur / Escandell.

If they win this first round of preprevias, which is argued Monday at 11 a.m., they will replay at let proofFacing Borrero (86) / Vivancos (69). The team that wins will return to previas where it will face the 100% French pair in the women's table: Clergue / Godallier, Tuesday at noon. We obviously want a meeting with 3 French!

Finally, Wednesday, from 09:30 a.m., it's the pair Collombon / Traviesa who will make his entry into the tournament, in the round of XNUMX of this Adeslas Open, against the young Goenaga (41) / Caldera (29), 16 and 18 years old respectively. After a final on the Catalan circuit, let's hope that the Franco-Spanish pair can use their experience to win their first sixteenth of the World Padel Tour this season!

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