Benjamin Tison and Javi Perez won in the round of XNUMX of the World Padel Tour Albacete Challenger today, they will play tomorrow in 1 / 8th.

The penultimate Challenger tournament of the season was not really full in terms of participation. Between the players who participate in competitions with their provincial selection, and those who preferred to rest in a very busy period, we find ourselves with quite new tables.

In the aftermath of French Championships, only a French and a French had chosen to make the trip. They both started tonight in the round of XNUMX of the main draw.

Benjamin Tison is associated with Javi Perez for the occasion. Opposed for their entry into the running in Ayats (100) / Muñoz (75), a pair from the previas. Faced with these two talented players, the Frenchman and his partner delivered a good match to win in three sets: 6/7 7/6 6/3! A success that allows them to reach the round of 6 where they will face the seeded 42: Victor Ruiz (46) / Miguel Semmler (XNUMX)!

In the girls, it's over for Mélissa Martin and the Portuguese Patricia Ribeiro, who suffered the law of the pair Musial (120) / Donate (120): 6/2 6/2.


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