The end of the season is approaching on the World Padel Tour. It is already the sixth (and last) Challenger of 2021 which has just started in Alfafar, next to Valencia.

No rest for pairs looking for points! Indeed, just after the WPT Menorca Open, they met in Valencia for this last Challenger of the year.

The victorious pairs in Albacete are not present but there are still some very good teams. On the men's side, Momo Gonzalez and Javi Rico, winners of two Challengers will be favorites but they will have to be wary of several teams, such as the unprecedented association between Javi Garrido and Lucas Campagnolo!

Among the women, three sacred pairs this season on the Challenger circuit will try to offer themselves a second title: Amatriain / Navarro, Mesa / Villalba and Castello / Collombon! Will the Franco-Spanish pair manage to afford a fourth final on the secondary circuit ? Seeded 4, it will start Thursday against the winners of the match between Donate (115) / Musial (115) and a pair from qualifying. We should therefore logically find Alix and Jessica in the quarterfinals on Friday.

The Lyonnaise will not be the only tricolor present since Léa Godallier will also be in the game. As usual, the player from Polynesia will play alongside her partner Ariadna Cañellas, with whom she comes out of two consecutive eighths at the WPT Open. Seeded 7, Léa and Ari start Wednesday, in sixteenth, against the pair Fassio (84) / Sharifova (131).

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