We have already said it many times, Italian women are more and more talked about on the World Padel Tour and we have further proof of this with this round of XNUMX for the Sussarello/Vinci pair!

From the previas, Roberta Vinci and Giulia Sussarello, today won a fifth match in a row in Alicante!

Opposed to Mari Carmen Villalba and Ariadna Cañellas, the Italians won 7/5 6/4 and we therefore find them tomorrow in the round of 4. They will be opposed to Tamara Icardo and Delfi Brea, seeded XNUMX.

For the former tennis player, it is quite simply a first at this level and it is proof that his bet to embark on the padel is paying.

To find all the tables and results of this Alicante Open, it's just HERE.

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