What if the number 1s won their first tournament of 2022 at Alicante ? Lebron and Galan will play in the finals tomorrow after impressive quarter-final and semi-final wins.

Juan Lebron and Ale Galan seem to be back to their best this week. In search of a first title in all competitions this season, the world numbers 1 are intractable during this WPT Alicante Open.

Indeed, after dominating Fernando Belasteguin and Arturo Coello yesterday in the quarter-finals (6/4 6/2), Mariano Amat's men left no chance to Sanyo Gutiérrez and Agustin Tapia, swept away 6/1 6/1 today !

Tomorrow they will face the winners of the encounter between Paquito Navarro and Martin Di Nenno against Franco Stupaczuk and Alex Ruiz. The pair that will win this shock is warned: the world champions have the fangs!

To follow the meetings for free and live, it happens on World Padel Tour TV.

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