Le Golden Point is undeniably a revolution in the padel modern. Established to increase the show and shorten the sets, we analyze with the help of Performance and Health Pádel, the effects of this new rule on matches.

Analysis in figures

PH Padel analyzed 12 Marbella Master 2019 matches (with equality and advantage), and 12 games of the Marbella Master 2020 (with Punto de Oro), and offers us an interesting comparison of several statistics.

To begin with, concerning the duration of the sets, they are shorter by nearly 5 minutes with the Golden Point. Sets of 48 minutes on average to validate the first objective of the World Padel Tour with this rule.

- break balls are fewer but many more effective : we see an 80% increase in the number of breaks in matches with 3,6 breaks per set.

Finally, we see a slight increase in the number of games per set (average of 9,72), thus naturally increasing the number of “balanced sets”.

marrero wpt final marbella

Punto de Oro accepted by all

This novelty was not unanimous when it was introduced, especially among the oldest, but Punto de Oro seems to have now done unanimity.

THEAPT Padel Take the Tour has also adopted this rule: the punto de oro is therefore the standard on two major international professional circuits.

The “golden point” looks set to stay afloat, making a difference to tennis point counting.


Discover the detailed figures of the punto de oro analysis here.

Source: PH Padel

Lorenzo Lecci López

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