Jostled yesterday by Alex Ruiz and Franco Stupaczuk, Lebron and Galan lost this evening to Federico Chingotto and Juan Tello at the World Padel Tour Barcelona Master!

We said yesterday that Lebron and Galan knew how to suffer. We can't say that they really showed it today. After winning the first set 6/4, the Spaniards struggled to endure the “comeback” of their opponents when they seemed to have the situation well in hand.

In the wake of a boiling Juan Tello, the Argentines were able to pick up a set everywhere: 6/4. A real blow to the head of Lebron and Galan who had obtained a break point at 4/3… When we know that at 5/4 for Tello and Chingotto, the numbers 1 had the opportunity, on another “Punto de oro” to recover their service and that it is on false return of Ale Galan, finally seen again in the video that they lost the set…

The Spaniards have never really been able to recover from this disillusionment of having missed their chance to win in two sets. Too imprecise and less sharp in hot moments (7 “puntos de oro” to 4 for the Argentines), they let Gaby Reca's players race to victory: 6/2 in the last set.

Statistics Chingotto Tello Galan Lebron WPT Barcelona Master 2021

Chingotto and Tello will play their 3rd final tomorrow, one less than those who will be their opponents, Paquito Navarro and Martin Di Nenno ! So we will have a 12ème different poster for this 12th final of 2021, unbelievable ! Whatever happens, a sacred new pair since until now, these two duos have always failed on the last step!

To follow this meeting which promises to be extremely tempting, you just have to go to the link just below:

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