After one pretty epic quarterfinal day yesterday, with a rain of matches in three sets, place for the semi-finals of World Padel Tour Barcelona Master!

We are expecting very big matches today at Barcelona's Palau Sant Jordi. We start at 10:00 am with the first ladies semi-final: Salazar / Triay vs Llaguno / Riera. We will follow up with an unprecedented match at this stage of the competition: Belluati / Garrido vs Di Nenno / Navarro.

Short break, then resume at 16:00 p.m. with the two pairs that may have suffered the most yesterday, on one side the Alayeto twins, on the other Lucia Sainz and Bea Gonzalez! We will end with what is now a classic, the confrontation between Lebron and Galan and Chingotto / Tello!

To follow the matches, it's just below:


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