Beginning of the week and a new competition which starts for the players of the World Padel Tour.

Since Saturday the Barcelona Master has started and one thing is certain is that this competition will be very important for some players. Not only is it a Master so there are many points to be won, but in addition they come at a pivotal moment for some.

We obviously think of Fernando Belasteguin and Sanyo Gutierrez who were eliminated in the first round in the last two tournaments on the WPT.

End of August, the pair Germani - Nieto surprised everyone by dropping number two on the Cascais Open.
Very fit lately these two had given no chance to their rivals by beating them 7-5 / 6-1.

Bela and Sanyo checking each other's hands after a point won in the semi-final of the Las Rozas Open 2021

Highly anticipated during the Sardegna Open, the numbers 2 fell again as soon as they entered the fray, this time against the pair Lamperti- Yanguas in 1 / 8th during a very good match of the latter.

La legend of pehuajo et el Mago de San Luis will have to believe it and recover from these two defeats for this new tournament.
And they will be able to start this Tuesday, September 14, facing ...Germani - Nieto in 1/16 final.

Indeed this match has a taste of “déjà vu” but it could be an excellent way for the two accomplices to take their revenge on their executioners of Cascais.

In view of final table, if they manage to overcome the Spanish-Argentine pair, they will surely be able to play again against the Miguel from the next game.

Suffice to say that this tournament holds a particular stake for Bela and Sanyo. The two players could take two revenges and thus completely turn the page on these last two failed events!

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