This is a first that we will attend the World Padel Tour Valencia Open: a clash between Bela / Sanyo and Galan / Lebron.

An enticing style opposition

The first two pairs in the ranking of World Padel Tour have never faced each other before. With 3 titles in 2021 for Lebron and Galan and 2 for Gutierrez and Belasteguin, they will face each other tomorrow in the final of the seventh tournament of the year.

Winners of a very tight semi-final against Paquito Navarro and Martin Di Nenno, Ale and Juan were able to make the confidence plan. Heckled by a boiling hot Paquito and a Di Nenno who forced them to always play one more ball, the Spaniards were forced to play at their best padel to get out of it. If they manage to evolve at this level tomorrow, they will be very difficult to beat ...

Facing Chingotto and Tello, Fernando Belasteguin and Sanyo Gutierrez also played at a very high level to rule out their compatriots. Tomorrow we hope to see them at the peak of their art to offer us a very big match, with a real opposition of styles!

A ladies final in the form of revenge

Among the girls, we will have an opposition between the winners of the Valladolid Master and those of the Santander Open. Two very fit pairs as they were able to demonstrate today.

If they left a set behind against Patty Llaguno and Virginia Riera, they were impressive in the first and last round: 6/0 4/6 6/1. Tomorrow, they will seek revenge against those who beat them in the quarter-finals in Santander.

Opposite, it is therefore the local of the stage, Tamara Icardo, who will play her second final alongside Argentina's Delfi Brea. Uncompromising today against Iglesias and Osoro, they show tournament after tournament that they are one of the pairs for 2021. Tomorrow, they will be keen to shine in front of an audience that should be fully committed to their cause.


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