Hard blow for Majo Alayeto whose calf started acting up again. As they have announced on Instagram, the Alayeto twins will not be present on the track tomorrow at World Padel Tour Brussels Open.

Victorious over Bidahorria/Fernandez 6/2 6/3, the twins validated their ticket for the round of XNUMX without too much trouble, but Majo having injured his calf, they unfortunately had to forfeit the round of XNUMX they were to play tomorrow against Nogueira/Villalba. The latter are therefore directly qualified for the quarter-finals.

This should generate even more frustration for Léa Godallier and Teresa Navarro who lost to this same pair after a good fight: 7/5 7/5.

We wish a speedy recovery to Majo Alayeto, who we hope will soon be on his feet.

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