WPT Buenos Aires Master: the uncompromising seeds

The seeds did not go into detail for their entry into the round of XNUMX of the World Padel Tour Buenos Aires Master.

The eight seeds will be well at the rendezvous of the round of XNUMX in Argentina. And we can say that they were intractable, with no set lost for the first eight pairs of the ranking!

The most impressive performance is to the credit of Pablo Lima and Javi Ruiz, who crushed Coki Nieto and Tito Allemandi. The semi-finalists of the Malmö Open could not do anything against the Spanish-Brazilian pair. They bow 6/1 6/2! Today, Javi and Pablo will face the surprise pair of the sixteenth: Moyano / Belluati. In front of their home crowd, the Argentines, who recently got back together, eliminated Miguel Yanguas and Miguel Lamperti after a big fight: 3/6 6/3 6/4!

Lucas Campagnolo and Javi Garrido are also starting to find their mark. In great shape, they dominate Juan Martin Diaz and Pablo Lijo 6/2 6/3!

The pair of veteran Argentines Grabiel / Nerone and Mati Diaz / Mieres may have benefited from the support of their supporters, they did not manage to pass the obstacle of the sixteenths. For his last professional tournament in Argentina, Seba Nerone will not have offered himself the exit he hoped for ...

For those who would like to see the video summaries of these two days of the round of XNUMX, it happens just below:

Today, the eighths begin at noon local time (16 p.m. in France). Find the right table HERE.

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Xan Tafernaberry