The best pairs of the World Padel Tour are at the rendezvous of the semifinals of the last Master of 2021 which takes place in Buenos Aires.

The favorites do not waver in the home stretch that leads to the Master Final.

After the qualifications of Stupa / Ruiz, Di Nenno / Navarro and Gutiérrez / Tapia, these are the numbers 1 who won last night in a white-heated room.

Indeed, all the encouragement of the Argentinian spectators will not have been enough to foil Juan Lebron and Ale Galan. The recent world champions have been strong in disposing of the local idol, Fernando Belasteguin, and their compatriot Arturo Coello.

The Rural World Padel Tour Buenos Aires Master 2021

The numbers 1 win 6/4 6/4 and offer themselves a new semi-final. They will have the opportunity to take their revenge against Sanyo and Tapia, who had eliminated them at the same stage of the competition in Sweden, in an epic meeting, finally won 7/6 in the third by the Argentines. Ale and Juan are warned, they will not be popular with the public today either in the face of the Mago of San Luis and Genius of Catamarca !

The first semi-final between Di Nenno / Navarro and Stupaczuk / Ruiz will take place in 16:00 p.m. local time (20:00 p.m. in France), and it will be followed by the meeting between the Spanish pair and the Argentine pair. (We will notice that the two nations which found themselves in the final of the world championship offer us a perfect parity in this last square which is made up of 4 Argentines and 4 Spaniards!)

To follow the matches, it happens just below:

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