On the French side, only Alix Collombon remains at the World Padel Tour Calanda Challenger, all the other Franco-Spanish pairs were beaten in the eighth.

Difficult day for the French at Calanda Challenger. Alone Alix Collombon and Jessica Castello, victorious in the Martinez / Fernandez pair, 6/3 6/1, will be in the quarter-finals tomorrow. They will face at 13:00 p.m. Carmen Goenaga (35) and Bea Caldera (35), a pair they have already beaten this season.

Opposed to the seed number 1, Allemandi / Nieto, Benjamin Tison and Marc Quilez could not do much. They lost 6/3 6/1 to the tournament favorites.

Mélissa Martin and Maria Castañera were also no favorites against number 7 seed Sandra Bellver and Claudia Jensen. Unsurprisingly, the Frenchwoman and her partner were beaten 6/2 6/1.

Finally, we expected a clash between pairs number 8 and 9 to close the day, but it clearly did not happen. Against Bidahorria / Vivancos, Ariadna Cañellas and Léa Godallier completely missed out on their match and recorded their heaviest defeat on the World Padel Tour : 6/0 6/1!

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