It's the hecatomb! After the defeat of Sanyo Gutiérrez and Agustin Tapia, it is Pablo Lima and Javi Ruiz who lose in these round of XNUMX of the WPT Mexico Open!

The tournaments follow each other but are not alike on the World Padel Tour ! While the eight seeds were at the rendezvous of the quarter-finals in Argentina, already three of them have bitten the dust in Mexico!

After Capra / Sanchez yesterday and Tapia / Gutiérrez a few minutes ago, it is now Pablo Lima and Javi Ruiz who take the door! With this defeat, it is the hopes of the Final Master of Javi Ruiz, 19th in the Race, which are also soaring (Pablo Lima, 8th, is guaranteed to be present in Madrid in two weeks).

After winning the first set 6/1 against Miguel Lamperti and Miguel Yanguas, the Spaniard and Brazilian were then stifled by the Spanish-Argentine pair. “Los Miguel” were able to reverse a very bad situation to win 1/6 6/3 6/4! Unlike one of his tormentors of the day, Lamperti can always dream of entering the Top 16!

Yanguas Lamperti outdoor WPT Mexico 2021

For that, he will have to at least climb to the final in Mexico. There is still a long way to go and we will first have to win tomorrow in the quarterfinals against Jon Sanz and Agustin Silingo. A match that inevitably promises between the two pairs who created the sensation today!

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