This is how we could qualify the performance of the pair Sanyo Gutierrez – Agustin Wall in the semifinals of Danish WPT Padel Open. Solid and efficient, the Argentinian duo impressed in the 20×10 with their aggressiveness but above all their regularity. El Mago of San Luis and Mozart of Catamarca did not miss anything and were able to fold the match in barely an hour!

Despite great performances in recent days from Juan Tello and Fede Chingotto, the two friends struggled to find their place on the track. From the start of the match, the Gato Tello lacked a bit of success on his smashes and the meeting seemed complicated for Gaby Reca's players.

It is on a 6/3 – 6/2 that Gutierrez and Tapia fly straight to the final where they will join Maxi Sanchez and Lucho Capra for a 100% Argentinian final!

See you tomorrow for the big day of the finals to follow LIVE on World Padel Tour TV

As a reminder :

  • 10h00: Marta Ortega – Beatriz González vs Maria Pilar Alayeto – Sofia Araujo
  • Right after : Sanyo Gutierrez – Agustin Tapia vs Maxi Sanchez - Lucho Capra
Sebastien Carrasco

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