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WPT of Grenada: The final square begins to take shape

Padel Magazine - Tito Allemandi and Fernando Poggi can shout with joy. Their victory is worth double since they managed to beat their direct pursuer in the standings 7-6, 6-2. Indeed, this victory counts a lot because the masters approach and the battle for 8th place is bitter. Augustin Silingo and Federico Gómez Quiles have only their eyes to cry on.

But let's start with a pair that continue to surprise us with their quality of play: Javier Limones and his teammate Raul Diaz who manage to beat Angel Ruiz - Ruben Rivera 6-7, 6-4, 6-2. It's been two huge games and there is a game looming that may end them: Miguel Lamperti -Maxi Grabiel.

Otherwise no surprise in the other matches. Juan Martín Díaz and Fernando Belasteguin extended their winning streak by beating Diego Ramos of Uruguay and Adrian White by a double 6-3.

Program this Friday 27 September from 15: 30:

15:30 p.m .: Jordi Munoz and Paquito Navarro against Sanyo Gutiérrez- Maxi Sanchez.

The other three games are:

17:00 p.m .: Paul Lima- Juani Mieres vs Tito Allemandi - Fernando Poggi.

18h30: Juan Martin Diaz vs. Fernando Belasteguin RecA Seba Gaby Nerone.

20:00: Miguel Lamperti -Maxi Grabiel vs Javier Limones - Raul Diaz.

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