A disaster for the German Open, with three pairs registered who will ultimately be absent.

As they announced on Instagram, Lucho Capra and Maxi Sanchez are absent due to a back injury in the former. It must be said that the Argentinians, defeated in an epic quarter-final against Gutiérrez, left a lot of energy in Madrid, and are now paying the price. We hope to see them back in great shape in two weeks in Amsterdam.

For Rico/Ruiz, we imagine it is following the latter's rib injury against Sanyo and Agustin that the pair is absent in Germany.

And finally, for the new Esbri/Campagnolo duo, it is the Brazilian who is still not recovered of his leg.

To compensate for all these absences, the WPT carried out a draw to define three lucky losers among the pairs which have lost in the last round of previas, and the duos Sans/Zapata, Valdes/Sanchez and Hernandez/Insa were chosen. Coincidentally, these last two pairs face each other in the first round. So whatever happens, there will be a pair lucky loser in eighth grade!

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