This is a World Padel Tour A bit special challenger which is currently taking place in Getafe since many players are currently in Doha. Despite this, there are renowned pairs, Lamperti / Sanz in the lead, and tomorrow it is mostly the most experienced pairs who will be at the quarter-finals.

For the most part because as in the female table, there was a little surprise among the gentlemen. As you will have understood, it is the work of local Mario Huete (124) and his partner Jose Jimenez Casas (107). Indeed, this pair which enjoys the unconditional support of the public had a huge match today to overcome the seeded 5, Dominguez / Melendez. For the second time in two days, Huete and Jimenez won 7/6 in the third set, and we will therefore find them in the quarter-finals! Incredible !

Tomorrow, they will find on their way the seeded number 4, Blanco/Solano. For a new match which will be decided in the tie-break of the third set?

In the other matches, the seeds have done the job and we will logically find the favorites in the quarter-finals this Friday.

For all the results and the table, this happens HERE.

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