The human Padel Toulouse Open is not even finished that there is a lot of movement among the gentlemen on the World Padel Tour with several new pairs forming before the Valladolid tournament. We take stock.

Exit a number of pairs who were not satisfied with their results. Among them, Javi Ruiz (22)/Javi Rico (20), Jorge Ruiz (41)/Rubio (40), Cepero (48)/Lijo (35), Botello (64)/Leal (42), Alonso (38) /Alba (55), Moya (34)/Sans (53), Del Castillo (56)/Luque (61)…

Here are the new pairs to which we will be entitled:

  • Javi Rico/Leal
  • Javi Ruiz/Lijo
  • Alonso/Jorge Ruiz
  • Alba/Without
  • Moya/Del Castillo
  • Martinez/Luque
  • Rubio/Patiniotis
  • Botello/Benitez
  • Cepero/Rocafort

It is therefore many new pairs that will make their debut during the second Master of the season. Among the most enticing we think of the one between Javi Rico, a player who recently participated in the Master Final, and Javi Leal, one of the most talented young players in the world.

Change of side for Pablo Lijo or Javi Ruiz, two players on the left, who will reform a pair that had worked very well during the previous Spanish championship.

After a very successful tournament in Toulouse, Miguel Benitez will benefit from all the experience of Uri Botello, a player who is looking to get back to the top.

It should also be noted that Cayetano Rocafort is making a comeback on the World Padel Tour, where he will share the track with Alvaro Cepero.

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