In the round of 2 this Thursday, the French Alix Collombon and her Spanish partner Jessica Castello fought a big fight but finally lost to the Spaniards Ariana Sanchez and Paula Josemaria, seeded n°3 of the WPT in Toulouse. These are needed 6/6 3/6 3/XNUMX.

1er set: surprise favorites

Facing opponents who are playing their first match of the tournament, Alix Collombon and Jessica Castello start with a bang and break from the start to lead 2-0. The seeded No. 2 reacted by immediately resuming Jessica's serve, before equalizing at 2-2.

But the Franco-Spanish pair continued their pressing and managed another break to lead 4-2. Alix Collombon then holds his serve up to 5-3. In the 9e game, we see the Spaniards tighten the game to try to come back, with a winning smash from Ariana Sanchez from the start, fortunately offset by a volley from Paula Josemaria who remains in the band of the net. Alix then makes a vibora lethal which deceives Paula but, on the next point, a disagreement between her and Jessica offers a free point to the favorites. It's the moment chosen by Jessica Castello to chain a winning smash and a surgical volley and win the first set!

The public was numerous to support the last Frenchwoman of the tournament.

2nd set: serial breaks

The start of the 2nd set is an observation round. The first three service games are easily won by each team.

On Alix's service, the Franco-Spanish pair quickly found themselves behind 0-30, deceived in particular by a ball that fell after the window. A good volley from Jessica, another from the Lyonnaise and they equalize at 30A. After a valiant defense from Alix, a winning smash from Ariana offered two break points to the No. 2 seeds. The first is saved, but not the next, on punto de oro.

Paula serves on the 5e game, which begins with an overly long volley from Ari. Good passing from Jessica at the feet of Paula, who makes a mistake. At 0-30, a ball from Jessica goes straight into the grid, after hitting the boards. A too long lob from Paula offers three break points to the Franco-Spanish. The first is saved, a chiquita of Jessica remaining in the band. But on the next point, an ideal volley from Alix offers a high ball to Jessica, who concludes with a furious smash.

After getting back together at 2-3, it was Jessica Castello who served to confirm, but her first smash went straight into the window. They come back to 15-15, before Paula strikes a winning millimeter pass. A favorable band from Ariana tricks Alix, who then misses a volley and allows Sanchez/Josemaria to lead 4-2.

The latter, dominating, then drive the point home to break away 5/2. Committing no more faults, they seem to extinguish the game of the French and the Spaniard, but the latter find resources to offer themselves a decisive point, which they win on a missed return from Josemaria.

Alix starts the game well, defends a smash and forces Ariana to foul. But then, the Spaniards push and cause three faults at the net of their opponents. The first set point is saved with the manner, but not the following one. 6/3

3e set: Spanish forcing

the 3e set starts ideally for Alix and Jessica who after winning the service of the latter, offer themselves four break points and convert the second to break away 2-0.

But on Alix's serve, a lucky punto de oro – a band pass from Josemaria – canceled the break. In the process, Ari and Paula come back to 2-2 on a shutout. Everything has to be done again.

the 5e game starts with a bandeja of the Frenchwoman in the net, followed by another foul. The Spaniards are forcing themselves by granting themselves a new break, against opponents who are clearly in the tough.

We seem to be heading for a 4-2, but a burst of Franco-Spanish pride and two errors from Paula offer two opportunities to steal Josemaria's serve. Sadly missed...

Jessica and Alix courageously recover at 3-4.

On Ari's serve, the world No. 2s go into money time mode, not missing anything and showing themselves to be more incisive. At 5-3, Jessica and Alix are back to the wall and quickly find themselves trailing 0-40. They save the first three match points against opponents who have become nervous again, but give in on the punto de oro, after a superb fight of 2h16.

Ariana Sanchez and Paula Josemaria advance to the quarter-finals.

Sanchez and Josemaria validate their ticket for the last four in Toulouse, where there are now no more tricolors still in the running.

jerome arnoux journalist

After 40 years of tennis, Jérôme falls into the pot of padel in 2018. Since then, he thinks about it every morning while shaving… but never shaves pala in hand! Journalist in Alsace, he has no other ambition than to share his passion with you, whether you speak French, Italian, Spanish or English.