It's the big day for the French who will make their debut on the track this Wednesday at midday in the final phases of this World Padel Tour French Human Padel.

In the men

First meeting of the day and it is a 100% blue white red pair that will tread the carpet of the 20×10 in order to create a great feat in Toulouse.
Indeed, holders of an invitation Johan Bergeron and Thomas Leygues will have to face a more than formidable pair during these 1/16th finals, composed of the great Fernando Belasteguin (11) and his little protege Arturo Coello

A little later in the afternoon, around 16 p.m., it will be the turn of Benjamin Tison (69) and its Spanish partner Teodoro Zapata (67) to face Agustin gutierrez (45) et José Rico

In the ladies

On the ladies side it is Léa Godallier (36) et Teresa Navarro (44) who will begin hostilities against Veronica Virseda (17) et Barbara las heras (18) late morning.

We will then find Alix Collombon (23) et Jessica castello (21) facing Carla Mesa (24) et Claudia jensen (25) at the very beginning of the afternoon.

A little later in the day it will be the turn of our two tricolor guests Elodie Invernon and Charlotte Soubrié, to compete against a Spanish pair. The Toulousaine and her teammate will not have to let go of anything against Sara Pujals (64) et Raquel Piltcher (55), qualified yesterday during the previas.

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