One official match. This is what will have played together Pablo Lijo and Lucho Capra who decided to separate on the World Padel Tour.

Lijo and Capra had offered a good fight against Bergamini / Campagnolo in the round of 6 of the Adeslas Madrid Open. A 3/4 6/3 6/XNUMX loss to the strong Brazilian pair who seemed full of promise.

But things move really fast in the padel current, and as announced by Pablo Lijo on his Instagram account, this tournament will be the first and the last of the Lijo / Capra pair.

After Sanchez and Allemandi, a second association ends after the resumption tournament. For the moment, we can think that we will move towards pairs Sanchez / Capra and Lijo / Allemandi but we are not immune to other movements. Case (s) to follow ...

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