It doesn't start very well for the French at the WPT Las Rozas Open. Hopefully the girls will have more success on Wednesday.

Indeed, only two French people present among the gentlemen in this World Padel Tour Las Rozas Open were both eliminated upon entry.

Yesterday, in the first round of the preprevias, Johan Bergeron and Simon Vasquez lost to Pou Serra (196) / Luna Peinado (172): 7/6 (7) 6/3. Today, it is Benjamin Tison and Marc Quilez, who for their first tournament together, suffered the law in the first round of the previas of two higher ranked players: Ruben Rivera (70) and Toni Bueno (74). A defeat necessarily annoying since the Franco-Spanish pair lost 7/6 7/6 ...

Now the tricolor hopes are based on the girls who start Wednesday late afternoon. We will have Castello / Collombon vs Carnicero / Reiter and Cañellas / Godallier vs Caro / Soriano.

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