After the tournament best points, now gives way to the three best recoveries of the World Padel Tour Danish Open.

We first find two points from the same match: the semi-final between Fernando Belasteguin / Arturo Coello and Sanyo Gutiérrez / Agustin Tapia. In the first point, Bela gives everything he has to try to counter the assaults of his opponents, the Argentinian throws himself into the side window, then dives to the ground to put a ball back. A very good effort, unfortunately not rewarded...

The second point is a classic: an exit from the track by Agustin Tapia who puts the ball back in the net “with the rear view mirror”.

We end with another “puntazo”, with a magnificent exit from Victor Ruiz, and a superb recovery from Ale Galan in the net!

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