New separation for Tito Allemandi and Pablo Lijo who after the first Master of 2021 on the WPT decide to stop their collaboration.

After parting ways with Lucho Capra and Maxi Sanchez respectively at the end of the first tournament of the season, Lijo and Allemandi joined forces with Alicante just under two months ago. Together, they had decent results, notably with a victory over Tello / Chingotto and a quarter-final in Santander last week.

The defeat in the first round during this Master (in 3 sets against Botello / Ruiz) apparently precipitated their decision.

Each of the two players announced this separation on Instagram. They thank each other for the moments gone by and wish each other the best for the future.

Which player do you think they will play with in the next tournament?


source: Insta German et Insta Lijo

Alexis Dutour

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